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RAW Internet Marketing: The goal of interactive marketing is the same as that of all other forms of marketing: to acquire new customers and retain existing customers while achieving customer satisfaction. The difference with traditional marketing lies in the different options for communication. The technology makes it possible to get much closer to the customer.Read more >



RAW Internet Marketing: “Get closer to the customer” by Growth Hacking. What is Growth Hacking: There are five differences between growth hackers and marketers:- Growth hackers exploit the entire Pirate Funnel, while most marketers only look at Awareness and Acquisition.- Growth hackers experiment; he tests which direction works best, where a marketer often focuses on one method. - Growth hackers work data-driven, where that is not the case for most marketing departments. - Growth hackers have (basic) knowledge of technical skills, such as programming, tooling and automations.- Growth hackers are involved with the product, because he/she has to pay attention to the retention of active customers, among other things.

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